Make A Difference Today!

Are you striving for excellence or just enough to get by?

“The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary…is that little extra.” ~ Jimmy Johnson

Most of the time, we think of ourselves as just plain ordinary people. But, if we go past our physical make-up; we will come to realize, that we are actually spiritual beings – and are ‘descendents’ of GOD! So, why do we, (so very often) settle for less? Why are so many of us just mediocre, when it comes to…….[you fill in the blank].

The answer is very simple: We are derivatives of GOD – NOT GOD! So, as humans we must put forth a little bit more to succeed in life. Whatever, your definition of success may be. Jesus, tried to tell us this in Matthew 5: 40,41. To simply, give a little more than the status quo – give a little more of yourself.

So, as you go throughout this weekend – only put forth your very best. Take that extra step, walk that extra mile, go above and beyond what you’re asked to do, and don’t settle for anything less than – YOUR best.

Today’s Scripture Reference: Philippians 3:14

Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Inspirational Injection
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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