How To Pray & Grow Rich!

How to Pray and Grow Rich!

While it has been said, that life consist not in the abundance of things which we posses..and that money can’t buy us love, and…that,  rich people can’t make it into heaven…..etc. We still, have to admit, that being rich (whatever, your definition of rich is), rids us of anxiety and stress, plus adds to the quality of our everyday life.  This is because we are meant to be completely fulfilled at ALL TIMES!

If you desire to claim the money that already yours, and live the life that you deserve. Please, consider asking God – it is true…we have not because, we don’t ask.

The following is an excerpt taken from the book, Your Infinite Power To Be Rich by Joseph Murphy.

But, before I give you this powerful information, there are a few things you should know about prayer:

  • Real Prayer is not a formula, there are no certain words, that gets God to answer our prayers. To say this another way, just because you recite this everyday doesn’t mean that, the Universe will move on your behalf. In fact. Jesus rebukes those who use vain repetitions (Matthew 6: 7-8). Then why say this prayer?, you ask. For (1) God already knows what you have need of, before you ask or think; but, it’s your job to enter into prayer, armed with the attitude that God already knows. And (2) the power of prayer is not the words that we say to God – but, it is in God himself(?). I John 5:14-15 tells us that we should place our confidence [in] God, that our prayers are always heard, and His(?) answers are always — YES! (or, at least according to His will)
  • The power of prayer should NEVER be underestimated. We should always pray, and not lose heart, or our confidence [in] God. (Luke 18:1)
  • Always accompany your prayer(s) with praise and thanksgiving. – (Philippians 4:6,7)

How To Pray And Grow Rich

Here is never-failing daily prayer for financial supply:

“I know that my good exists this very moment. I believe in my heart that I can prophesy for myself harmony, health, peace, and joy. I enthrone the concept of peace, success, and prosperity in my mind now. I know and believe these thoughts (seeds) will grow and manifest themselves in my experience. I am the gardener; as I sow, so shall I reap. I sow God-like thoughts (seeds); these seeds are peace, success, harmony, and goodwill. It is a wonderful harvest.

From this moment forward I am depositing in my subconscious mind seeds or thoughts of peace, confidence, poise, prosperity and balance. I am drawing out the fruits of the wonderful seeds I am depositing. I believe and accept the fact that my desire is a seed deposited in the subconscious. I make it real by feeling the reality of it. I accept the reality of my desire in the same manner as I accept the fact that a seed deposited in the ground will grow. I know it grows in the darkness; my desire or ideal grows in the darkness of my subconscious mind. In a little while, like the seed, it comes above the ground (becomes objectified) as a condition, circumstance, or event. This is the true source of my full financial supply.

Infinite Intelligence governs and guides me in all ways. I meditate on whatsover things are true, honest, just, lovely, and of good report. I think on these things, and God’s power is with my thoughts of good. I am at peace, because I am infinitely prosperous.”

Saying the above prayer everyday, will allow riches to automatically flow into your life everyday! I’ts simple, but very, very, powerful.

Enjoy What The Universe Gives You! & STAY BLESSED!

Dwayne B. Neal – Inspirational Injection
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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