Let’s Make 2012 yOUR Year!

Image2011 is ending and we are headed into 2012. I’m encouraging everyone (myself included), to take this weekend for self-evaluation, for self-assessment, and for reflection.

As we think about goals that were achieved and not achieved in 2011; and making resolutions and goals for 2012, let’s resolve to get closer to God. Be honest, we’re not going to change just because the calendar changes, which is why many of our “resolutions” are broken within the first few months of starting them. Have you ever wondered why the same resolutions you made in 2011, were the same for 2010? Well, it is simply because we don’t include GOD in these resloutions.

Regardless, of your plan of actions, goals, or 2012 resolutions, the Holy Bible gives us an important and vital way to finally get what we want or resolve to do:

 …and it is this…SEEK GOD FIRST AND ALWAYS!! This message is exemplified in two verses of scriputre in particular:

  • [1] If you seek God first, then all the things you seek will be added to you. [Matthew 6:33] So, if you resolve to lose weight, make more money, attract a loving relationship…or whatever your 2012 reolutions may be – make sure you RESOLVE to seek the righteousness of God (which by the way, is already placed within you) – then you will be able to reach and keep those “secondary” resolutions.
  • [2] It is insinuted in [James 4:8a] that the closer we get to God, the closer God will come to us. Since, God is spirit, then in order to get a more intimate relationship with “Him(?)”, we MUSTresolve to become more spiritual in 2012. The bottom line is this – God is infinite wisdom, power, riches, and knowledge; God is also all-seeing, and omni-present. Everything ever imagined, thought about, dreamed about,  or envisioned has already been done by “Him(?)”! So doesn’t it make since, that we should get close to God, who has all power in “His(?)” hands? With God every resolution becomes not only possible, but undeniable!

So, in order to really make 2012 your best year, I humbly wish everyone who reads this, to SEEK GOD FIRST AND ALWAYS! Have a blessed, prosperous, and healthy 2012, for you and your family! I am blessed to have the amazing support family, friends, and team! Here’s to each of you, and too what lies ahead!!

Be Blessed & Stay Inspired! 


by: Dwayne Neal – Networkers Alliance Manifesting Everyday Satisfaction

“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!” 

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