The Joy of the Lord In My Heart!


This is a powerful affirmative prayer by the late Dr. Raymond Charles Barker in his powerful e-book entitled: Money Is God In Action; start your year off on the right track, recite this prayer throughout the year to cause the spiritual activity of money to circulate in your life!

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Glory Lives In My Heart!

Warm is the love of the Eternal, and it glows within me, satisfying my soul. I am fed in all my depths of emotional need by this inner well of Compassion. The universe glows with kindliness. Everyone offers me the warmth of love and the joy of friendship. The Glory of God is upon me, and I rest in Its perfect action. This deep inner sense of well-being is now forever established within me.

The expanding Power of God is the joy of my soul. Every good increases, and every good feeling is accentuated. The Holy Spirit of Peace is upon me and resident in me. Glorious is my day, and my heart rejoices. This inner deep feeling of greatness now directs my thought. I not only know the Mind of God, but I feel the Presence of the Spirit. I arise and shine, for the Glory of God is within me, and Peace does fill my world.

I can accomplish my aims. The Holy Spirit is in my mind now. Divine Love floods my emotions. Glorious is my thinking and my experience. God is my all; no more can I seek.

~Dr. Raymond Barker


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Scripture References for Today:

  • Psalm 16:9
  • Psalm 108:5
  • Isaiah 60:1


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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
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