I MUST Decrease!


Our experiences follow our ACTION – which is our State of Being. Our State of Being is sum total of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. To make our ACTION work for us, we start by using injections in the form of affirmative prayers.

Deliberately take charge of your thoughts with affirmative prayers so that your activities,  will support your desires. One reason why people don’t always realize their full potential is because  – they are trapped in the past and are afraid of letting go. The main reason for this “unfortunate” State – is that our EGO – keeps rehearsing the mistakes of the past.

To escape this loop – and I suggest that we repeat the following Affirmative Prayer…. With that being said, today’s injection is:

I AM a channel for God. I AM immune from what others think or say about me. I banish the agreement that I have with my ego –  to be right, approved, accepted, recognized, or rewarded. I recognize, the more I release my need to be in control, the more the Light of God takes over. I must decrease, I will decrease and allow God to guide my actions. I AM free, my ego diminishes and I concentrate on what is really important: love, friends, family, spiritual fulfillment, and connection with God. So be it, and so it is! AMEN!

Say this affirmation throughout this day.

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Scripture References for Today:

  • John 3:30
  • John 5:30
  • Luke 22:42


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Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal  Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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