Those moments in history that come to us as catastrophic shocks often shape the decisions we make into the future – as we did yesterday in response to the devastation and pain that took place in Boston. We move through a range of feelings: empathy for the victims and their families, gratitude about our own lives, a decision to be better, a vow that it will never happen again, and a desire to change the world. We feel it all. We seek to find the perpetrator and bring them to justice. And yet it happens again somewhere by someone else. 

What is our lesson here? What can we really learn from such sadness and suffering? What was the moment that turned a compassionate human being into a bomber who wants to cause hurt and death? We cannot retrace the steps, but what we can do is examine our own lives and future choices. We can learn to apply human dignity and respect to every person we meet and every person we work with. At every opportunity, we can chose kindness over intolerance. 

If we want a better world, we need to have better people in it. The only ones we can really affect are ourselves. It is such hard work, but we can look deep into our souls and find the strength that the Creator imbued in us and in every person. Let’s take this moment to face our own demons and put them in their rightful place-in the back seat of the car. Lets empower our Godlike spirit to drive our decisions and actions. 

Our prayers are with all of those souls who are suffering today in Boston and around the world.

Karen Berg~Kabbalah Centre International


Submitted by: Dwayne Neal – for Team N.A.M.E.S.


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