Are You Receiving Enough? (A Message From the Moon) by Erika Watson

Wherever you are.. Whatever your circumstance… Abundance is all around… What you desire to have is possible… Are you ready to receive it?

What you are seeking is seeking you.. –Rumi

For the past few months, I have been committed to walking every day.  It has become a sacred ritual for me in which I honor my body, my spirit, and my divine connection to everything.  As I have walked this journey (literally) I have been given many gifts and messages in this space that continue to deepen and enrich my life beyond what I thought possible prior.

I’ve heard that when you decide and commitment, Providence moves to assist you in your desires. As I have committed to walking, my conscious choice to do so transformed into this beautiful invitation that I delight in accepting without any hesitation. It has become a flow that has opened my heart in many ways, including the gift of receiving.

Last week I went down to walk the water’s edge at night.  The moon called me to stand and face her and I intuitively stared back in awe; arms wide and hands cupped open in receptivity.   The sacred connection I felt, even as I write these words now, fills me with tremendous love.  I could feel magic stirring in my soul as I asked her, “How can I be of service? What message do you have for me to share?”

“Receive, Receive, Receive” I heard in every part of my being.
“Surrender so deeply into the heart of your desires, open yourself so fully, that all that remains is matter…”

I received the beauty, the light, and the message of the moon. I felt connected, supported, loved, and beyond abundant.  There was no need or desire I felt would ever go unfulfilled, as long as I remained open to my truth, my environment, and surrendered in my mind.

Since that night, I have been experiencing an overflow of bliss.  My senses are ignited, I am aware of the gift of life, and I am in a constant state of receiving.

I lay in the sand, basking in the sun’s warmth, feeling the connection on my skin.  I am given to.  I walk down the street, receiving the smiles on people’s faces and feel their joy.  I am given to. I walk at night in wonder of the night’s sky and think of my community celebrating the Super Moon this week.  I am given to.   I create space in my day to meditate and pray for answers. I am given to.  I move my body and feel my strength. I am given to.  I share what I have learned in life and business with my clients. I am given to.

The more I commit to bringing the gift of my presence to the things I desire, discover how to open and connect with all that is pleasurable around me, the more I receive.  There is no feeling of lack, only love, only the sacred. It is from this potent, abundant, and magnetic place, I have continued to attract even more opportunities to be present, to bring my gifts and service, and to receive and grow.

I am so grateful that I have learned how to Listen and Love; how to Express myself and Align my Actions with my truth.  I am so grateful for all that I receive as I Progress on this journey, as I L.E.A.P. to Rise.

I am so grateful as I share this journey with you.

I wonder.   Do You feel like you are receiving enough?

Surrender and open even greater to the desires of your heart…
Where all that’s left, is what matters…

By Your Side, xo Erika Watson

Much Love…

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