Father Knows Best!

My LifeIt is only our desire to anthropomorphize God that has us think that God’s mind works like our own. ~James C. Wilhelm

Since ‘His'(?) ways are past finding out {Romans 11:33} – we have no other option but to allow God to have ‘His'(?) way in all our decisions, goals, dreams, desires, or aspirations. God is going to have ‘His'(?) way anyway, however, the mistake we make is in trying to figure “how” an experience will come about in our lives.

Let us forget “how”, and the rest of the entails; life is simple: JUST TRUST GOD!!! Since ‘His'(?) ways and thoughts are most definitely higher than ours {Isaiah 55:8-9}…in fact, God doesn’t “think” at all! (‘He'(?) left that up to us).

The choices made by our conscious mind – will not always result in a “favorable” outcome. I use the word “favorable” in quotes – for the simple fact that everything works together for our good and in our favor {Romans 8:28} – regardless if we recognize this truth or not!! 

Even if we don’t always get what we want; we always get exactly what we need! So our job should not be – to figure out “how” something is going to come about – but our actions should only be geared toward seeking out Gods’ will for our lives. 

So if you desire to manifest without side effects – Trust God – for Father Knows Best!! Again, let’s not worry ourselves with the “hows” of life. In manifesting our goals the only thing we need to know is what steps are instructed to us by God {Proverbs 3:6} – and from there, knowledge of the next steps will reveal itself – in due time. 


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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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