There is a story told about a man who dreamed of a huge treasure hidden in a castle in Spain. Believing his dream to be a message of a real treasure, the man set out to travel the distance to find it. The road was long and treacherous, and when he reached the castle, he found it heavily guarded and almost impossible to enter. For a few days, the man tried unsuccessfully to bypass the guards and get inside, but he could find no entrance. 

With all his other options exhausted, the man decided to share his dream with one of the guards, hoping that the guard would let him in if he promised to share the spoils once inside. But when he finished telling his dream, he received a reaction he didn’t expect. The guard went pale-faced and stunned because just the night before, he, too, had had a dream in which he was instructed to tell a foreigner looking for treasure that the treasure was buried beneath the foreigner’s own home. Sure enough, when the man returned to his country, he found the treasure.

Sometimes, we need to go a long way and try many things to discover that the “treasure” we seek is right there in our own house. We may find ourselves jealous and coveting another’s situation, but we don’t see the whole picture of that person’s life. We don’t see the journey and the suffering that the person may have gone through to earn what he or she has. 

As spiritual human beings, we need to cultivate a desire and appreciation for our own blessings. 

Authored by: Karen Berg

As Spiritual Beings




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