Let The Weak Say…I AM

I AM_1aDr. Stephen Covey in his best-selling ‘self-help’ book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People reminds us that “in effective personal leadership visualization and affirmation techniques emerge naturally out of a foundation of well thought through purposes and principles that become the center of a person’s life.” 

In other words, to be an effective leader, you must align your life according to what you are seeing and saying. Now don’t get caught up in the word ‘leader’; as much as in the principle I wish to convey….and that is this: our prayers, intentions, visualizations and ‘affirmations’ should ALWAYS affirm the positive; because the positive is ALWAYS highly effective.

This is especially true when we use the phrase I AM in front of our declarations and speech. You may not realize how much your current situation is influenced by I AM. You see, I AM is a “name” of GOD, and actually sets in motion the energies of those statements that come after it.

For instance, every time you say, “I AM broke,” “I AM overweight,” “I AM sorry,” “I AM weak”…etc. You are inviting negative situations and booby traps that can undermine your success. Now, do I really believe, that what you say can negate what GOD has already done in, through and for you?…ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We don’t posses that ‘kind’ of power; However, we do summon the energy of “things” and “situations” when we use “the name of GOD”. 

You see, every time we not only verbalize, but even think, “I AM______”, what we are really saying and thinking is, “GOD in me is (whatever it is we’re thinking or saying).” Again, and this is worth repeating, I AM affirmations uses one of the names of GOD; and when an individual uses it, he/she is accessing spiritual power. 

“I AM” comes from “I AM THAT I AM,” the name of GOD revealed to Moses at ‘The Burning Bush’, and GOD also ‘said’, “This is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto ALL generations.” {Exodus 3:15}. And like Moses, when you come to a place when you recognize that YOU ARE GOD IN ACTION…and that GOD is flowing through you at this very moment, you will sense the presence of GOD with reverence and awe! In effect, as GOD is in heaven, so is GOD on earth – within YOU! RIGHT NOW!!

That’s why we are instructed in Joel 3:10b, to let the weak say I AM strong; because you are already GODS’ energy…but what ACTION will you do with the energy of GOD?! Will you use GODS’ light and energy to reinforce the negative side of life..”I AM weak”? Or will you use it to affirm something real, and positive…”I AM strong?”

By doing(saying) the latter, you set the ACTION of GOD motion to show “Himself” to be strong in and through YOU!! In other words, according to Pastor Silas Banks, “GOD doesn’t give us trails to make us strong, but to show us how strong we already are!” 

So, let the poor say, “I AM wealthy!”…Let the sick say, “I AM healed!”…and let the weak say, I AM strong!” 

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Written & Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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