The Paradox of Activity and ACTION!

…Have you ever played with magnets? If you have then you may have noticed there is an attractive energy on one side of the magnet
that pulls them together. If you let both of the magnets go at the same time you will notice both of the magnets are moving (Action) towards each other. As one magnet moves (taking Action), the other magnet moves (taking Action).

Thus, it is very much like this when you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest something you want. As you move (taking Action) towards what you want, it will move towards you. Once you clearly identify what you want, I encourage you to take small action steps towards what you want and pay attention how what you want moves towards you as you move towards it. It will happen if You Take the Action. ~Michael Brown 

Most people are under the impression that ACTION is “Doing stuff”; ACTION is a state of BE-ing! What we really refer to as ACTION is really just activity. You might be thinking, why get into semantics, they are both really the same thing..and you’re right (and ‘wrong’)!

Herein, lies a paradox. Simply stated, a paradox is a statement that by all appearances seems to contradicts itself – and yet both are factual. Here’s what I mean: 

Let’s say for example, that your intention is to have a million dollars by a certain period of time. So you begin to “do stuff” (activity) in order to make this happen. You visualize, say affirmations, visit million dollar homes, try to put yourself in the feeling for 12 seconds, go to expensive car lots…etc. You do all this stuff, and when that certain time comes; not only do you find – that you don’t have a million dollars–but your circumstance may have even gotten worse! Why is that?! 

Because, in order to have a million dollars; you must first BE (action) a millionaire! BE-ING is your ACTION – and then comes the activity and experience. It is said that one of the parables, that Jesus gave to describe the kingdom, was the parable of the sower, in which Jesus starts off by saying, “a sower(ACTION) went out(ACTIVITY) to sow…”

Just because you’re doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re taking or in ACTION. You must first BE before you can DO or HAVE…remember this, –and you will not become as those who are just doing stuff, just for the sake of doing something; [or] as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:26 we are not like those who are just beating against the air!! 

Sometimes our activities (what we call taking action) can be put in the same category as ‘wishing, and hoping’; simply because they do not line up with who we are at that moment in time. Activities can be ACTION only when it agrees with our current state of BEING! 

To DO this, we just BE! And as you continue to stay in this state of BE-ING (regardless of the contrary appearances) you are then taking ACTION! 


Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.

“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!” 
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