The Secret 3-Step Process (part 2)

“Believing and being are one. The conceiver and his conception are one. Therefore, that which you conceive yourself to be can never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies separation. “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. If you assume that you are that finer, nobler one you wish to be, you will see others as they are related to your high assumption.”~Neville Goddard

Walk With God2In my last post I briefly discussed my secret formula for the manifestation process. And if you read it – you might be thinking to yourself – that ASSUME is inferior to BELIEF. Allow me to clarify what I mean. You see, ASSUME is the root word of ASSUMPTION – and this not just your typical supposing, speculating or taking something for granted (because we know what happens when we ASS-U-ME {lol}). It goes beyond that.

Assumption is the Law of BE~ING! And in ACTION it means to appropriate FAITH as to become one with your desire! As co-creators, whether consciously or unconsciously – are constantly using the Spirit of God. You see, the Spirit of God is an ACTION that is manifested into our world via our imagination. In other words, thoughts don’t become things – THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! And you and become the very thing that we imagine. In the world of ACTION there is no separation between – BEING (YOU in your essence) and Imagination.  Now once we take on the role or ASSUME the Spirit behind the thought or imagination – that thought or imagination then is clothed as our life experiences, circumstances and events.

Simply put, you and your desire(s) are one.  You may be wondering, why is it that I don’t get my desires?    Or I prayed, visualized, said affirmations, asked, believed….but; I haven’t received…why is that? Because, we do not ASSUME! Assumption is the missing piece. As long as we continue to relate to G~D as an external Father (and not the indwelling Spirit) – we alienate ourselves from ASSUMING our responsibility to Co-Partner with G~D in the manifestation process.

What do I mean? As long we continue to ASSUME that the Father (GOD) will take care of everything; then we abandon our role in appropriating the FAITH needed to manifest our desires.  Assumption means imagining Co-Partnering with the God of Universe to bring about a desired end. Can you imagine that?!

Assume that not only are you and God are one –but that you and your desires are one with God! Appropriating FAITH (to rely on by an inward certainty) – in this Assumption means, to consciously bring yourself, to state of BEING that which God desires to experience, in and through you! It’s really not complicated – the fact that you have the desire – means that God desires to experience that desire it in your BEING!

Take a good look at the life around you. What are your intentions? What are your desires? Assumption is done when our “human” (Divine) faculties of imagination express the feelings of experiencing – right now -the fulfillment of our desires – regardless of or contrary to what you BELIEVE or see on the outside. What you believe and see, may reveal a fact in your life; but that is not the TRUTH concerning you. {Jeremiah 29:11}

This is why the spiritual tools of Praise and Gratitude are soooo important. The ACTION of Gratitude brings our focus, attention and intention (i.e. the Spirit of God) into the present – empowering our lives with many benefits and blessings.

Let the others continue to ask, believe, and receive – but you know better – and once you know better you do better – all you have to do is assume, have faith, and praise


Written & Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!” 
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