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💡#WednesdayWisdom 》Observe the Masses; then…think, speak and do, the total and complete opposite!!!▪︎ [Romans 12:2a – be not conformed to this world]



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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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Just Because You don’t See It…

According to 2 Kings 6:8-14, there was a period of time, that Israel and Syria were warring against one another. The Syrians would often attempt, to set-up ambushes upon Israel. However, all these military strategies would fail – because Elisha (the Prophet of Israel) would tell the King  – what areas to stay away from!  

The King of Syria eventually became furious. He even accused his own people of sharing military secrets with the opposition…until he learned, that it was indeed Elisha who was protecting Gods’ people! As a result, of this treason – the King of Syria wanted Elisha dead!

Now, Elisha and his young disciple fled into a mountainous city called Dothan, but word got back to the King of Syria – and he immediately sent his best troops to that location. To catch Elisha, by surprise – the troops were sent out by night and then surrounded the city.

When Elishas’ disciple, woke up and went out, early the next morning – he only saw the Syrian Army – with horses and chariots all throughout the mountains. “Oh, my lord, what are we going to do?!” the disciple asked. “Don’t be afraid,” Elisha answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

2 Kings 6:17

Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, open his eyes so he may see.” Then the Lord opened the young man’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

I shared this story and scriptures with you, just to convey one principle point: 

“Just because we don’t see [it], doesn’t mean [it] isn’t there!” ~Dwayne B. Neal

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, when we SEE (experience) life, through our limited five senses – we’re only perceiving 1% of the truth. However, if we’re able to see beyond the limits of the 1% – we will and experience life from another perspective – a God perspective – a real, true and authentic perspective.

With that being said, we have only a few hours remaining in this week to SEE and experience Life, from “Gods’ point of view” – and tap into another reality.  

Yes, we can tap into the “99% Reality” at any moment. Paradoxically, however, the Kabbalists also teach, that each measure of “time” (year, month, week, day, hour…etc.) Has a specific type of energy that comes along with it.  

  • Genesis 1:14 (NIV) – And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years,
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) – To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

Subsequently, the energy and scripture reference for this week can be found in: 

Deuteronomy 30:15 (KJV)SEE, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;

Without getting into all that principles that this scripture conveys – it’s important to remember, that we’re either seeing (experiencing) the “good life” – that is set before us, or the “bad life” that is set before us. Think of our life experiences as a coin: we’re either seeing the heads (representing the good life and/or blessings) – or – we’re seeing the tails (representing the bad life and/or curses). Now, it’s very interesting to note, that just because we’re seeing only one side of the coin – doesn’t mean that the other side of the coin doesn’t exist. 

That’s the power of this week! If we’re experiencing a contentious relationship – we get to see peace and harmony within this relationship; if we’re experiencing sickness and ill health – we get to see our healing; if we’re seeing overdrafts and negative account balances – we get to experience our prosperity! 

Paradoxically, if we’re already seeing “the good life” – then we get the opportunity to see Satan. But not in a bad or negative sense…we get to see – when “he” (anthropomorphically speaking) attempts to ambush us – and thwart our Visions (pun intended) – and plans that God has prepared for us. With this seeing (knowing) – we can sidestep “his” booby traps – and continue with “the good life” experience.

1 Peter 5:8b (KJV) – because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

For us to see the true reality of our lives – and to access the remaining of this week’s energy; I suggest that we employ the use of the Hebrew Letters. Our eyes are the most advanced scanner and transmitters of spiritual energy for our Soul. The Hebrew letters work as barcodes of the spiritual energy – allowing us to access the positive aspect, of our internal Nature. 

Scanning these sequences of letters with the intention of seeing “Gods’ Point of View” gives us the opportunity to make this connection.  

Think about the positive people, circumstances, events, and energy that you would like to see and experience today as you scan and meditate on these letters (scanning from ⬅ right to left)! 

NOTE: You can also use this practice during LION’S ♌ GATE (8/8 – 8/12) – and ask to see what is your true purpose, what is important, and how you can better serve for the greatest and highest good! 

To learn more about how you can use this tool – and many more like it, please visit: 


Written and Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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Why Don’t We Say This Ourselves?!

If Faith is the substance and evidence of the things that we hope to have, and desire to become (and it is) {Hebrews 11:1}; And if Faith Comes by what Hear (and it does) {Romans 10:17} ….then wouldn’t it make “common sense”, for us to speak to ourselves Faithful words of self-empowerment, hope, encouragement, and Love ❤?!! I mean that only makes sense….Right?!

I do, however, understand, that paradoxically commons sense, ain’t COMMON! (With all things being consistent) Our ONLY drawback in life – is that we don’t speak – from “ourselves” (from the God within) – to ourselves (to the human part of us).  Do we not know – or have we forgotten: THAT GOD IS WITHIN US?!!! {1 Corinthians 3:16} 

By speaking from ourselves – TO – ourselves (using the power of the I AM) – we activate the nature of God within us. With God on our side – Any and Everything is possible. However, it is our duty and job to induce GOD into ACTION, and we do so by calling on “Him”! 

REMEMBER: Within you is the power to motivate yourself !!! 💯 You are the Captain of Your own Ship….So Forget What Others Are Saying About You — WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?!! {1 John 4:4} 🔑🔑 

Happy Monday Kings and Queens…Let’s Make It An Awesome Week (on Purpose)!!!! 

Today’s Winning Affirmation:I AM the Captain of My Ship and the Master of My Fate!!

Scripture(s) for Today: 

  • Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 
  • Romans 10:17 (KJV) – So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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Written and Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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I AM….Celebrated by the Universe

Whether we believe it or not – there is a ‘Cloud of Witnesses’ cheering us on so that we can reach our goals, dreams, desires and destinations. It is important that we remember this; especially during those times when we don’t get the support, we’re looking for – from our friends and family. We should also keep in mind, that GO(o)D is IN us! And has – and – ALWAYS WILL have our back! 

David encouraged himself in the Lord! This is the Power of I AM! I AM is not only a personal statement of our BEING – but it signifies and directly points to – the God that is within us! Again, I AM is NOT just about me(us) – it is about God with me(us)!!!

So go ahead Kings and Queens – celebrate yourself – if no one else will celebrate or encourage you. Remember, you are not alone! You and God make a powerful team; and are a force to be reckoned with. Also take into consideration: King David, Moses, Abraham, Matthew, Paul…etc. – and – we dare not leave out Jesus; all of these are examples of GOD HAVING THEIR BACK! If “He” did it for them, surely “He” WILL do the same for us(in fact it’s ALREADY done)!!

Therefore, take those blessed hands of yours, reach up….and then pat yourselves on the back (encourage yourself) – knowing, that as you do – you are receiving help and support from the Universe! Because what this simple act ACTUALLY means is: THAT THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE PATTING YOU ON THE BACK (after all it is GOD that is IN and WITH You – and don’t you EVER forget it)!!! 

Today’s Winning Affirmation:I AM Surrounded, Encouraged and Celebrated by the Universe!”

Scripture(s) for Today: 

  • 1 Samuel 30:6 (KJV) – And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.
  • Hebrews 12:1 (CJB) – So then, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us, too, put aside every impediment — that is, the sin which easily hampers our forward movement — and keep running with endurance in the contest set before us….

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Written and Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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BE-ING Is The Secret! It is not (at least not at first), about affirmations, visualizing or making mental movies on how you “wish” – your life is to be.

It may be a fact, that the Genie of The Universe, says to you, “Your WISH Is My Command!” – but it all starts with ACTION which is your state of BE-ING! First of all WISH as a verb (which denotes ACTION) is defined as: to express a strong hope, want or desire for something that is not easily attainable; it also means, to want something that cannot or probably will not happen!

By this definition alone, wish seems to contradicts the purpose for which Jesus came {John 10:10}I came that you might have life – and that more abundantly. Now, an abundant life is not physical or material possession – but in the natural ability (which is also Divine) to assume ANY state of BE-ING; and to assume that state…RIGHT NOW! Wishing and hoping, puts ACTION into a future state. But to assume [IT] now, is key. To defer our wish is to cause our BE~ING to suffer lost.{Proverbs 13:12}

“He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

As long as we are wishing, hoping and dreaming – we remain in the ACTION of longing for [IT]! And G~D blesses the child that got his own (Billie Holiday) [or] for the sake of simplicity – a person that IS [IT] Now – is in ACTION! {Matthew 13:12}

In other words, instead of wishing for Happiness – BE HAPPY! Instead of going on diets and taking supplements – BE HEALTH! Stop trying to attract the ‘Love of Your Life’ – and BE LOVE; instead of getting rich – BE WEALTH (which also includes BE-ING rich)!

Now, please don’t get me wrong! I’m not suggesting that activities (because that’s really what DO-ING(s) are)such as the afore mentioned are not important because they most certainly are! But, what’s REALLY important is the ACTION (State of BE-ING) behind these activities. In {1 Timothy 4:8} it reads that: bodily exercise profiteth little… it didn’t say — that it doesn’t profit at all! Yes, Exercising, Affirmations, Visualizations…etc. all have some benefit – but the MAIN thing, must be kept the MAIN thing! And that MAIN thing is ACTION!

ACTION (which is the spiritual nature of BE-ING) not only causes physical activities and experiences – it also “needs to” BE expressed in physical activities and experiences! You and I are purposely designed to fulfill every spiritual intent. To allow the spirit of imagination into physical manifestation {John 1:14}. In this sense, ACTION is synonymous with THE WORD OF GOD! – and ACTION will not return void – but will accomplish that for which {IT} is sent – to express imagination (GOD) – into BE-ING!{Isaiah 55:11}


Written & Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!” 
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How To Advance Your Definite Aim!

How to Develop a Definite Major Purpose
(from Think & Grow Rich, chapter on Autosuggestion)

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once to put this plan into action. The instructions given in connection with the six steps in the chapter will now be summarized, and blended with the principles covered by this chapter, as follows:

Go into some quiet spot (preferable in bed at night where you will not be disturbed or interrupted, close your eyes, and repeat aloud (so you may hear your own words) the written statement of the amount of money you intend to accumulate, the time limit for its accumulation, and a description of the service or merchandise you intend to give in return for the money. As you carry out these instructions, see yourself already in possession of the money.

For example, suppose that you intend to accumulate $50,000 by the first of January, five years hence, that you intend to give personal services in return for the money, in the capacity of a salesman. Your written statement of your purpose should be similar to the following: By the first day of January, 20.., I will have in my possession $50,000, which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.

In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best possible quality of service in the capacity of salesman of _______________________________________ (describe the service or merchandise you intend to sell).

I believe that I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time and in the proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it. I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money, and I will follow that plan, when it is received.

Repeat this program night and morning until you can see (in your imagination) the money you intend to accumulate.

Place a written copy of your statement where you can see it night and morning, and read it just before retiring, and upon arising until it has been memorized. Remember, as you carry out these instructions, that you are applying the principle of autosuggestion for the purpose of giving orders to your subconscious mind.

Remember also that your subconscious mind will act only upon instructions which are emotionalized and handed over to it with “feeling.” Faith is the strongest and most productive of the emotions.    

Think and Grow Rich2





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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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The Law of ACTION!


The following excerpt taken from Creative Mind and Success[January, 1957] by Ernest Holmes: 

The Universe is teeming with activity. There is motion everywhere. Nothing ever stands still. All activity comes from Mind. If we want to be in line with things we must move. This doesn’t mean that we must strain or struggle, but we must be willing to do our part by letting the Law work through us. 

God can do for us only as we will allow Him to do through us. Intelligence gives us ideas and in our turn we work on them. But our work is on longer done in any sense of doubt or fear, for we know that we are dealing with something that never makes a mistake. We proceed with a calm confidence born of the inner trust in a Power that is Infinite. Behind all of our movements, then, is a great purpose, to let the Law work through us. 

We must comply with the Law of Activity. We must be willing to take the way of outer activity. Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus. We may have to go but there will accompany us something that never fails.

Now to create this activity something more than thought is essential. Not that it does not come first, but the one who has this thought of activity will naturally manifest it in vigorous, energetic movement which helps to produce a spirit of activity in his business and in everything he undertakes. Wherever you see a man who does not move, then you will find one whose thought is inactive; the two always go together. 

Act as though things were happening even though they may not appear to be. Keep things moving and soon you will have to avoid the rush. Activity is genius. The man who is active in his thought doesn’t have to sit by himself to think; he works while he thinks and so complies with the Law which has to work through him. The world likes action, change. Action is Life. 

Alertness is the word. Always be alert. There must be mental alertness before there can be physical activity. The thought of activity makes him move, and the thought of confidence makes his movements sure, and the thought of Supreme Guidance makes his work intelligent. 

We must be careful and not get into ruts; always be doing something new and different, and you will find life becomes a great game in which you are taking the leading part. 

Life will never become tiresome to the active mind and body. It is so interesting that we wonder if we will ever get enough of it. Some people get into such lazy mental habits that a new idea cannot find entrance. Great things are done by people who think great thoughts and then go out into the world to make their dreams come true. 

Everything comes from Mind, but Mind acts on itself and we must act on ourselves and on conditions; not as a slave but as a master. Be interested in life, if you want life to be interested in you. Act in Life and Life will act through you. So will you also become one of the great people on earth. 


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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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The Power of Humility!

Just Pray!

It is often said that humility and kindness is a sign of weakness; so in our pursuit in this thing called life, we often do everything that we can to figure things out for ourselves, we try to work out our own problems, we desire to be our own boss. For the sake of not appearing to be weak. In some scenarios that might be ok; but if we really desire to have an easier more productive life – then we would  be quick to humble ourselves, allowing God/Universe to work in and through us. 

The following is an excerpt of the benefit of taking on the virtue of humility:

…the very situation that has wounded you can now become that which heals you, if you allow it to take you deep into the mystery of the soul’s dependence on the Divine. Do not forget that while your wound is more powerful than your conscious mind, God is more powerful than your wound.

I cannot, but God can! I cannot, but God can! becomes your mantra. And in realizing that the power of your mortal self is small when compared to the power of God, you will no longer need to “puff yourself up” in an effort to make yourself “big enough” to handle your problems. In fact, you will discover the power of true humility, deferring to a power that is greater than your own. God is big enough to handle your problems – so you need not be.

~Marianne Williamson [A Course In Weight Loss] 

Scripture References: 

  • {John 3:30} He must increase, but I must decrease. 
  • {James 4:6} But he gives more grace. Therefore he says, God resists the proud, but gives grace unto the humble.
  • {1 Peter 5:6a} Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time… 



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Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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Are You Receiving Enough? (A Message From the Moon) by Erika Watson

Wherever you are.. Whatever your circumstance… Abundance is all around… What you desire to have is possible… Are you ready to receive it?

What you are seeking is seeking you.. –Rumi

For the past few months, I have been committed to walking every day.  It has become a sacred ritual for me in which I honor my body, my spirit, and my divine connection to everything.  As I have walked this journey (literally) I have been given many gifts and messages in this space that continue to deepen and enrich my life beyond what I thought possible prior.

I’ve heard that when you decide and commitment, Providence moves to assist you in your desires. As I have committed to walking, my conscious choice to do so transformed into this beautiful invitation that I delight in accepting without any hesitation. It has become a flow that has opened my heart in many ways, including the gift of receiving.

Last week I went down to walk the water’s edge at night.  The moon called me to stand and face her and I intuitively stared back in awe; arms wide and hands cupped open in receptivity.   The sacred connection I felt, even as I write these words now, fills me with tremendous love.  I could feel magic stirring in my soul as I asked her, “How can I be of service? What message do you have for me to share?”

“Receive, Receive, Receive” I heard in every part of my being.
“Surrender so deeply into the heart of your desires, open yourself so fully, that all that remains is matter…”

I received the beauty, the light, and the message of the moon. I felt connected, supported, loved, and beyond abundant.  There was no need or desire I felt would ever go unfulfilled, as long as I remained open to my truth, my environment, and surrendered in my mind.

Since that night, I have been experiencing an overflow of bliss.  My senses are ignited, I am aware of the gift of life, and I am in a constant state of receiving.

I lay in the sand, basking in the sun’s warmth, feeling the connection on my skin.  I am given to.  I walk down the street, receiving the smiles on people’s faces and feel their joy.  I am given to. I walk at night in wonder of the night’s sky and think of my community celebrating the Super Moon this week.  I am given to.   I create space in my day to meditate and pray for answers. I am given to.  I move my body and feel my strength. I am given to.  I share what I have learned in life and business with my clients. I am given to.

The more I commit to bringing the gift of my presence to the things I desire, discover how to open and connect with all that is pleasurable around me, the more I receive.  There is no feeling of lack, only love, only the sacred. It is from this potent, abundant, and magnetic place, I have continued to attract even more opportunities to be present, to bring my gifts and service, and to receive and grow.

I am so grateful that I have learned how to Listen and Love; how to Express myself and Align my Actions with my truth.  I am so grateful for all that I receive as I Progress on this journey, as I L.E.A.P. to Rise.

I am so grateful as I share this journey with you.

I wonder.   Do You feel like you are receiving enough?

Surrender and open even greater to the desires of your heart…
Where all that’s left, is what matters…

By Your Side, xo Erika Watson

Much Love…

By His Stripes I AM Healed!


Of God’s seven redemptive names, one of which is Jehovah-Rapha, “I am the Lord that health thee,” shows us what global blessings that all may return to during this Golden Age. In my opinion, the main benefit to be restored during this dispensation are health for both the soul and body – healing the whole being!

In fact God has already given mankind everything that pertain to life and godliness. This includes all that we need for spirit, soul, mind, and body – for this life, and for the life to come.

Forgiveness and Healing is offered universally, to whoever, brings “the acceptable year of the Lord” into their immediate presence or aura. Therefore, I have provided a powerful affirmative prayer by  Dr. Raymond Charles Barker; simply recite this prayer throughout this week to cause the circulation health and vitality in your life!

Applying the Medicine of God’s Word

Be sure to download your FREE copy of Biblical Healing Scriptures, it contains several scriptures on complete healing! You can speak these scriptures and confessions over your life to strengthen your faith in God for the healing and wholeness that you need.


Treatment for Health!

There is one Life, one Mind, one Spirit, one health, one vitality and one energy. I accept myself as the health of the Living God.

I decree into my subconscious mind that any and all patterns that could possibly cause disease of any kind are now neutralized, denied, robbed of all authority.

Therefore, every pattern of normal health is now activated in my mind. I am radiantly healthy. I am the energy, the vitality, the strength of the Living God. I am this because my mind now has the order to be this. So subconscious mind, you ordain it, and I rejoice in your perfect work.

And so it is. 

~Dr. Raymond Charles Barker


Scripture References for This Week:

  • Isaiah 53: 4-6
  • Isaiah 58:8
  • Psalm 30:2


God Is Downloading



Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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