Life Is In The Details!


To neglect or misapply any little detail – be he commercial man, agriculturist, professional man, or artisan – is the same as neglecting a stone or a brick in a building, and it will be source of weakness and trouble.~ James Allen 

I’m sure that you’ve heard the old saying…it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine {Song of Solomon 2:15}. It is a very common mistake to think that “little” things can be left to chance, and to give all our energy and attention to the “big” things. Or as James Allen puts it in his book, The Mastery of Destiny “…but a cursory glance at the universe, as well as a little serious reflection on life, will teach the lesson that nothing great can exist which is not made of small details, and the composition of which every detail is perfect.”

So, with today’s Inspirational Injection (and through the course of this weekend); I urge you to watch out for foxes; but not just any foxes, but the little foxes that spoil the vine. For the vines have everything that we’ve worked so hard to grow and cultivate, it represents the fruit that we have in our lives! And what we consider to be the small, little details are the foxes that can gnaw on and break the little branches, spoiling the ROOTS…and ultimately destroy any chance of growth to our vines!

Let us look us take a real good look at some the ‘LITTLE’ Foxes that can spoil our vines:

1. Bitterness {Hebrews 12:15}

2. Backbiting {1 Peter 2:1}

3. Bragging {Proverbs 25:14}

4. Binding the Spirit {1 Thessalonians}

CONCLUSION: It’s not always the big and obvious things that stop us, but the little details (foxes), that will eventually become big problems when we don’t take care of the little foxes. So question I have for you is: Are there some little foxes you need to take care of?


Todays Scripture Reference:

  • Solomon 2:15
  • James 3:5

Written & Submitted by:

Dwayne B. Neal – Team N.A.M.E.S.
“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

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