The Law of AttrACTION

For The Body of Christ:  

“God created the world in the image of The World Above; all which is found Above has its analogy below…and everything constitues a Unity.”

~The Kabbalah 

Greetings From Atlanta, Georgia:

My name is Dwayne Neal and I’m glad you found your way to my Blog. If you’re here for the first time, I’m sure you desire to know a little bit more about me. But make no mistake, after you do; you will find that the primary focus of this extraordinary Blog is: ALL ABOUT YOU!

If you’ve already tried dozens of self-improvement techniques and you are still struggling in some (or all) areas of your life, then this site is most definitely for you. It is here that I share the ancient Universal Principle of ACTION (state of BEING).  ACTION starts within – not without. If our ACTION (state of BEING) is not in alignment with our prayers, affirmations, vision boards..etc. then then we will continue to struggle – and live unfulfilled lives.

This is the intent and purpose of this Blog. To teach us how to align our BEING with the things that we truly desire. 

The Blog (Inspirational Injection), mini-courses, products and services contained here – are actually spiritual treatments – in the form of tools; that can be used to eradicate all source and symptions of darkness, lack or limitations.

Please, feel free to visit often and take advantage of these prescriptions while on your journey to personal empowerment and lasting fulfillment. 


And remember:

“Knowledge is power, but ACTION is King!”

~Dwayne B. Neal