Gratitude Rock_1aDwayne Neal is an Affiliate Marketing Strategist, Inspirational Blogger, and spiritual teacher who specialize in preparing and empowering individuals to BE completely fulfilled in life and business.

He is avid student of the Holy Bible, and personal development books. Dwayne also draws knowledge from his own personal life experiences. Including, fighting on and off the battle field to overcome PTSD, which he suffered at a young age while serving in Desert Storm and Desert Shield (USMC).

He shares what he learns from his studies and personal experience in a fundamental, effective and practical concept – which he defines as ACTION! This concept is shared and expressed in blog writings, and sharing social media content.

His Vision:

Dwayne has a fervent passion to help others identify their potential; then from that potential – BE the individuals that they were called to BE. He believes that “things” like wealth, health, success, happiness…etc. are not “things” to achieve – but states of BEING (surnamed ACTION).

His unique blend of spiritual insight, down-to-earth persona and real life experiences — allows him share the ancient wisdom of Christian Kabbalah to a wide range of people in compelling narrative, that’s easy for any individual (regardless of their level spirituality) to comprehend, digest, and LIVE!

His Role:

We are all connected, and we all deserve to live a complete life – with lasting fulfillment. The life that Christ destined us to have {John 10:10b… I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly}. Because of our tendency not to “capitalize” on the mission of Christ – we settle for mediocrity and experience lives that are a mere fraction of our God-given potential.

This is where the teachings of Dwayne Neal comes in — his mission is to help as many people as possible –  to  get a vision of their own worth so that they can implement power in their lives -right away!

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Let’s Co-Create Together:

If you subscribe to this blog, and connect with me on social media, you will learn much more about how to live a life of ACTION – one of filled with freedom, health, happiness, love, power, wealth and success. You will grow both spiritually and materially, I promise! I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you – and hope you will share with me as well. Let’s learn together and become ALL THAT WE CAN BE in this Life!

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